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AFIRM Case Study - Greg Poole

Armed Forces Institute of Regenerative Medicine

Objectives: create a unique logo for this joint venture of Rutgers University, Case Western University, the Cleveland Clinic, and the US Department of Defense; detail their work on a large-format display for use at conferences; design other branded material.

Key Audiences: medical professionals, scientists, academics, and senior military personnel

Design Solutions: the logo is inspired by AFIRM’s mandate to help patients by using the most advanced medical technologies to ‘repair, replace, and regenerate’. The client requested that collateral material use as its main theme Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man, so the challenge was to keep this iconic image from appearing trite. By building on its form for the large-format piece, each of AFIRM’s areas of practice could be featured distinctly, and the overall look was carried through to the design of collateral material, including the pocket folder shown above.

My Role

  • Design Concepts
  • Logo
  • Type Selection
  • Image Art Direction
  • Graphic Elements