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Patient Education Manual Case Study - Greg Poole

Patient Education Manual — Leukemia/Bone Marrow Transplant Program of British Columbia

Objectives: provide patients with clear and easy access to large amounts of information vital to the success of their treatment programs

Key Audiences: patients, donors, and their families

Design Solutions: the client asked for a ‘hopeful’ cover, something which patients would not feel self-conscious about carrying in public. The 350-page document was broken into five modules which could be added to a three-ring binder as needed (e.g., the core module is common to all patients; some patients need either the transplant or chemotherapy modules; some need both.) The graphic look is carried through each uniquely-coloured module, with pull-quotes and information boxes throughout to highlight important information and make specific details easy to find. Project work included all layout, image research and selection, and the creation of detailed maps and graphics throughout.

My Role

  • Design Concepts
  • Type Selection
  • Image Selection
  • Graphic Elements