Portfolio Item Subheading

TTAP eLearning Case Study - Greg Poole

MetroVancouver Technical Training and Procedures Program (TTAP)

Objectives: create graphic assets, including technical drawings, detailed models, and video assets, for eLearning

Key Audiences: technologists and operators at MetroVancouver facilities around the Lower Mainland

Design Solutions: Over the 5-year project, I created visual assets, including detailed SketchUp models, for eLearning modules for major MetroVancouver facilities, as well as graphics for Standard Procedures and Job Aids. Produced/directed eLearning videos, which included: working with Subject Matter Experts to develop scripts; production design of all graphic and audio assets; and overseeing the work of animators to deliver finished videos.

My Role

  • Design Concepts
  • Graphic Production
  • Video Production
  • SME Interviews
  • Script Writing